Pit fighter tycoon simulates intergalactic alien rivalry where you abduct, genetically modify, breed and force humans into gladiatorial fist fights.

Get rich from the misery of your human slaves, crush your enemies and master this strategic management game to become the ultimate pit fighter tycoon. 

Each Week you'll travel between the stars to visit different planets, and send your human slaves to fight and die in it's arenas.

Train your human slaves in combat skills and boost their abilities with powerful drugs. Perform barbaric surgeries to replace organs and physically enhance your fighters – or sell individual body parts, piece-by-piece, on the intergalactic black market.When you find yourself a champion, clone them or manipulate their genes to create stronger, more powerful fighters.

This project is being developed in Unity (C#), and has been in development for over 18 months. It will eventually release on PC, and Steam. A demo is planned, and will be released soon!

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