Pit Fighter Tycoon has players engaging in the Alien past-time of abducting Humans, then training them to kill each other in gladiatorial fist-fights - all for the entertainment of the masses!

Get rich by inflicting misery upon your abducted human slaves, crush your rivals Aliens and master this strategic management game to become the ultimate Pit Fighter Tycoon!

Each Week you'll travel between the stars to visit different planets, and send your human slaves to fight and die in it's arenas.

Train your human slaves in combat skills and boost their abilities with powerful drugs. Perform strange surgeries to replace organs and enhance your fighters – or cut them up to sell on the intergalactic organ market, one piece at a time. Once a slave has been broken irreparably by the brutality of the arena, force them into ‘retirement’… by melting them down into a goo that can be injected into other Slaves.

Development started in 2016 and continues in my spare time. It will release whenever it is ready, with PC as the primary platform.

The game was successfully Green-lit on Steam Greenlight in 2017. Go to Steam Greenlight for more details.